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Great storage types both hardness and soft neck and high clove count. 

Hardneck types - perfect for harvesting scapes!

Duganski - purple striped skin, red cloves high yielding 

German Red - offwhite/red skin, creamy cloves with red accents

Purple Glazer - purple striped skin, light with purple streak cloves

Krandasger Red - White with purple/tan stripes, purple cloves

Musik- super popular white cream with purple streaks inside and out


Softneck types - perfect for hanging garlic braids. Can plant in spring also

Nootka Rose - beautiful bright white skin with blush cloves

Transylvania- rich scent high yield huge bulbs, cream inside and out

Inchelium red - flattened type shape white with red skin, white uniform cloves


Packaged in 3 bulbs per with an estimated 5-12 cloves per bulb depending on variety. 

Packaged Garlic

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