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Mushroom Plugs - 15ct

  • To inoculate logs you'll want to choose 5-6" diameter logs and up to 3'-3.5' long. You can use any log as long as it's fresh-cut hardwood. Typically you want your logs to set out for 2-6 weeks prior to plugging. It's best to use 15 plugs per log of this size, although more or less is up to you.

    You'll need a drill bit from 5/16"-11/32. You want the hole to be just about the size of the plug and about 2" deep to ensure a close fit. You want the log to have as much contact with the plug as possible. You will drill your hole and hammer in your plug. It's best practice to cover your hole with wax to keep insects and competing fungi from your inoculation site. You can inoculate logs just about any time of year but it's best to provide a bit of protection from heavy frost and snow for the first 6 weeks. Towards the end of winter into the first part of spring, alternatively late summer into fall.

    If you're inoculating several logs it's best to store them in a "heap" covered with straw tucked in to a plastic sheet to protect them. The varieties below will be suitable for most places, although the Pink Oyster is best for warmer climate areas.

    Mushroom inoculate spawn with certified organic grain
    All plugs are $.30 each
    Minimum order 45 plugs which will inoculate (3) 6" x 3.5' logs

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