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All #1, 10-14+ size bulbs! Sold in bags of 25 bulbs per variety. 

Gladiolus Bulbs - 25pk

  • Alfalfa

    Purple w/ red and white

    Alpha Light mauve
    Amber Mistique

    Ivory Cream w/ Pink Centers

    Bananarama Pastel yellow
    Black Sea

    Deep maroon/black tips

    Blue Tropic Pastel lilac 
    Bra Val

    Bright happy yellow


    PBright and light bubblegum pink

    Circus Color 

    Purple w/ yellow


    Yellow w/ bold pink 


    White w/ green center

    Fairy Tale Pink Bright pink

    White w/ red and pink blushed centers

    Flaming Sunrise

    Medium orange w/ yellow

    Green Star Classic Green 
    Ibadan Coral

    Red w/ white and yellow 

    Live Oak Neon Orange
    Lummiere Hot Pink
    Milka Pastel purple 
    Mojito Purples
    My Love

    White w/ frilled pink edge striping 

    Nova Lux Yellow
    Nova Zembla  
    Ocaso Coral/Burgundy
    Olympic Flame

    Pastel orangesickle w/ yellow

    Peche Melba

    Pastel oranges/yellow

    Pink Event

    Bubblegum pink shades w/ white outline

    Princess Margaret Rose

    Yellow w/ orange 

    Speed Date

    Ivory cream yellow

    Titanic Hot pink
    Vuelta Red

    Pastel shades pinks, purple and yellow

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